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The Saharna gorge

At the very entrance to Saharna gorge from the Nistru side, an imposing grey rock dominates the surroundings. The brooks Saharna and Stohnaia cut across the Eastern rise of the hill, forming a vast amphitheater of rocks. They have formed a gorge that reaches 160-175 meters depth in some parts. If you look at them from the bottom, these brinks give the impression of some mountains with edges lost in the horizon. The bed of the brook running through the Saharna gorge is narrow and scattered with stones. You can cross the brook without soaking your feet. The deeper you ...
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100 knolls

The 100 knolls

On the road of the Prut valley, between the villages Branesti and Cobani, around 200 km from Chisinau, you can see a small but curious natural subunit called “The one Hundred Knolls”. This is a unique phenomenon in the space between the Prut and Nistru rivers. In reality, there is a much bigger number of knolls – over 3500, covering an area of about 1072 ha, 8 km long and 2.3 km wide. Their height varies between 1.5 and 30.5 m (i.e. Gypsy’s Knoll.) Some scientists established that «The one Hundred Knols » is the only place in Europe with so ...
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Plaiul Fagului

Plaiul Fagului (Land of Beeches) Natural Reservation

Plaiul Fagului (Land of Beeches) Nature Reserve is located northwest of Chisinau near Ungheni. It was established in 1992 on the territory of a former hunting reserve, Radenii Vechi. It occupies an area of ??5,642 ha, most of them being forested; beech, oak, ash and hornbeam predominate. It is rich in flora and fauna, with over 900 species of plants, 40 species of animals, including deer, 140 bird species and much more. The reservation is picturesque and is part of the Greater Forest ecosystem Codru. The landscapes specific to the reserve: narrow peaks with deep valleys, steep slopes (consequences of landslides), ...
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Prutul de Jos

Prutul de Jos (Lower Prut) Natural Reservation

The Prutul de Jos (Lower Prut) Natural Reservation is located in southern Moldova, between the Prut River and Slobozia Mare village, south of Cahul. It was founded in 1991 and has the main purpose of protecting the flora and fauna of Lake Beleu and the surrounding Prut river meadow. The Lower Prut Reservation Area is over 1,690 hectares, of which 2/3 are the waters of Lake Beleu. The territory of the reservation serves as a natural environment lab. The reservation includes land and swamps, plateaus, and a scenic area of ??steep terraces. The main attraction in the Prutul de Jos ...
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Manuc Bey

Manuc Bey Estate And Manor House

The owner of the estate, Prince Manuc Bey (Mirzoyan) was a remarkable figure in Moldovan history. He was a renowned diplomat, and  the Russian-Ottoman peace treaty in 1812 was signed with his assistance in his palace in Bucharest. According to this treaty Bessarabia fell under the protectorate of Russia. In addition, he laid the foundation for the production of Moldovan wines on French technology. His descendants built winery on the estate and transferred the local wine production on industrial basis. The factory still exists, though, now it is a large modern enterprise – “Vitis Hancesti”, which produces high-quality wines. Experts ...
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Orheiul Vechi

Orhei Vechi Monastery and Archeological Complex

This territory has been inhabited since early times. One of the first city founded here was called Orhei. The name Orhei means “fortification”. At the beginning of the 14th century this territory was conquered by  the Golden Horde . The name of the archaeological reservation derives from the name of that medieval city, thus “Old Orhei”. The museum complex Old Orhei is a system of historical monuments and natural landscapes. The central promontory in Old Orhei is called “Pestere”. Its name derives from the many caves carved in it (‘Pestere’ is Romanian for ‘caves’). The Butuceni headland is a part of ...
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