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Soroca - 1 Day

City tour of Soroca
The city has its origin in the medieval Genoese trade post of Olchionia. The original wooden fort, which defended a ford over the Dniester, was an important link in the chain of fortifications on Dniester and Danube. It was of vital military importance during the Russian-Turkish wars.


On a Sorocan hilltop Roma residents build elaborate houses, inspired by and borrowing architectural flourishes from famous buildings in wealthier countries including St Peter’s Basilica, the U.S. Capitol Building and the Bolshoi Theatre.

Gipsy Hill

Lunch in the restaurant “Cetatea Veche” – – Moldavian cousine, Zeama – soup made with a chicken broth, noodles and a chicken with lots of vegetables, Placinta – fried bread with filling, usually brinza (homemade cheese), cabbage or potatoes, Sarmale – cabbage leaves or peppers, stuffed with seasoned rice, mixed with chopped peppers, carrots and a few other vegetables.

Moldova food

Visit the Thanksgiving Candle monument
The monument, which is some 29.5 metres (97 ft) tall, in the form of a candle and is called “Lumânarea Recuno?tin?ei” or “monumentul lui Badea Mior”.
Its symbolizes a tribute of respect to all the unknown heroes, to the people who have preserved the language, culture and history of Moldova.



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