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Transnistria - 1 Day

Visit Noul Neamt Monastery.
There are four churches on the territory of the monastery. The Dormition church is a congruous part with its five chapels completing the general view of the monastery. The center piece of the monastery is the bell tower. Consisting of 5 levels, it is seventy meters tall and is the highest and the most splendid bell tower in Moldova

Noul Neamt

Sightseeing tour of the “capital” of Transnistria – Tiraspol. Founded by Suvorov, the city survived many shocks and preserved the spirit of the USSR. You will begin by visiting the monument to Vladimir Lenin and the tank left from the Great Patriotic War.

Lunch in the restaurant “Kumanek” (Ukrainian cuisine).
Borscht is a vegetable soup made out of beets, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, dill. Varenyky – dumplings made with fillings


Visit to the monument of medieval fortification architecture Bender fortress, the largest fortress in Europe, built by the Turks during their stay here. And today the modern appearance of the fortress is an earthen rampart, a deep ditch lined with limestone, towering towers of the citadel and lower fortifications, fortress walls confirm its former power



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